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The "No Luck Required" Way for YOU to Make Money

Does Choosing Products To Promote on Amazon Leave You Confused and Frustrated?

Do You Spend Hours Trying To Find Products That Will Pay Good Commissions Whilst Trying To Cut Through The Ones That Will Only Pay Pennies?

If You Do, Then This Offer Could Save You All That Time And Frustration!

I,m not going to try and sell this offer to you, you will know for yourself whether it´s right for you or not.

If you´re an Amzaon Affiliate then this is DEFINITELY something you will be interested in.

So lets dive straight in and see what this offer is all about...



You may have heard the saying before that...

"It´s just as easy to sell a product for $100 as it is to sell one for $10"

And the Key to making more money on Amazon is to select the right Niches with products that are high paying, popular and have good reviews.

With This bundle of 4 New Fully Automated Amazon Affiliate Blogs, You Can Easily Build Your Own High Quality Amazon Empire With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse.

All 4 Turnkey Blogs in this ultimate Bundle contain all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices to make money

This isn't doing the same marketing strategies that everyone and their brother has been implementing the past years. This is brand new and it's what is ACTUALLY working day in and day out, right now in 2015.

All 4 Blogs are in niches with high paying products and an immense growing market.

For detailed Information and a Demo-Video, please click the links on top right to visit each blog.

Of course you can buy each blog individually too! Just click on the buy now button on the specific blog.




Here are The Blogs You´ll Get With This Bundle


3D Printing Blog Yogurt Blog
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RV & Trucking Blog iWatch Blog
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Before we digg a little deeper,
I´ll want to point out something very imortant

These days, it seems like everywhere you turn,
some “guru” is trying to sell you the “be all, end all” marketing solution.

The combination of my easy to install system and the automation software gives marketers the ability to finally achieve results…

day in and day out!

And that’s exactly what you’re getting your hands on today!

Building Your Own High Converting Amazon Affiliate Site

May Have Seemed Impossible

Until NOW!

If you've ever wanted your own Amazon Affiliate Website, but don't know where to start, how to do it, or not sure if what you're already doing is really working, then continue scrolling down this page because I'm about to reveal some things that'll help you on your journey towards success, without hard work, countless hours of researching, website creation, graphic design, writing salesletters and articles, product reviews, excerpts, publishing... actually I could go on forever.

Here is a fact!

It can cost you $297 to $997 or more to have an Amazon Affiliate Site built for you.

Usually that's only with 5 pages of content or less.

Now, unless you want to dish out four times $297 to $997 to have one built for you,

leaves just one option... You have to build it yourself, or you get my


These Blogs will help you rake in Amazon commissions on complete autopilot.

Speaking of Amazon, I knew they were big, but I had no idea they were this big…

Did you know that:

One average Amazon generates $117,882.00 in revenue every single minute

Amazon has 183 million products, enough to stock 1,290 WAL-MART Super Centers

Amazon has 152 million user accounts, and gets 80 million unique visitors per month

It´s not just big – it´s freakin´ huge!


The complete bundle is based in yet untapped niches by marketers, a goldmine which holds an immense growth potential.

Get your own affiliate sites, filled with Amazon products that you get commissions for.

Even if you've never built a website before, thanks to this turnkey AMABOT Powered Blogs I've put together for you, you can be up and running in just a few minutes from now!

The State Of The Art - Complete Autopilot  - AmaBot Software Powered - WP Blogs!


Here Are Some Of The Awesome "Under The Hood" Features Of The AMABOT BLOGS

  • Mobile Friendly

    Maybe you already heard what Google announced: “Starting April 21 - 2015, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results”. You see. we´re ahead of time once more. No matter if you watch it on a MAC, a PC, a Smartphone or a Tablet, the layout is perfect.

  • Pre-Populated

    Your Blogs already have between 350 and 2000 published Posts including the affiliatelink. The posts are made from preset virtual users with different Timestamps. Each of this post already includes between 3 and 5 User comments. The Searchengines, especially Google, will LOVE it. This feature alone is worth a several hundred dollars!

  • Auto Update Amazon

    The included AMABOT Software is preset to fetch content related Items from Amazon, inserts your affiliate link, and posts them in the corresponding categories. All set, we have done all the work for you, you don´t have to spend hours or days to research the products and categories. Works with ALL Amazon Networks. (US) (CA) (UK) (DE) (FR) (ES) (JP) (IN)

  • Auto Update News

    To make the blog more "Human", I´ve included free access to my "Full Text RSS Feed API". It will fetch a Post from a preset RSS  Feed, extracts it, and post it to your blog. Also with a different virtual user each time.

  • Auto Maintenance

    The AMABOT Blogs are automatically scanned daily for dulpicate entries and spam, if some is dedected, the Software will delete it, and optimizes the MySQL Database afterwards.

  • Easy Install and update Process

    You upload just two files, click 6 times and you have a high class full working WP Affiliate Website, and with just a click of a button, you will change your Affiliate ID in all all preset amazon campaigns.

  • Power Pinger

    A custom plugin for auto visitor pinging. When a visitor comes to your site, it uses a hidden frame on the users desktop to have them ping the page they are looking at to Pingomatic, the biggest pinging service. That is free backlinking to your blog.

  • Social Network Autoposter

    Everytime a new autopost is made, the plugin automatically publishes it to multiple accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and many others, depending on how many you´ve set up.

  • Ping Auto-Update Service

    Your blog automatically notifies 89 of the most popular Ping Update Services that there is fresh content on your sites by sending a XML-RPC ping each time the AMABOT Software and the RSS Feed API have published a new post. These services then will notify the major search engines!

“This complete Bundle not only contains beautiful and functional websites, but also ones that actively engages users and forces them to buy your products.

Martin Bergmann - Global Automated Affiliate Profits

Blogs For All Skill Levels

This ultimate bundle is truely amazing. It is designed for absolute beginners as well as experienced marketers. All is fully automated. You need to go through the setup only once, after this, everything runs on autopilot, forever, the Article and Amazon products posting. The installation is made with just a few clicks, and to guide you, step by step instruction videos are also included in the package.

Blogs Based On Facts

These blogs were created based off of cold, hard facts. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The layouts and functions of these blogs are provided by absolute experts who have studied the ins and outs of web design, development, digital strategy, analytics, online marketing and more.

Thinking Outside The Box

Even though the blogs are made for amazon automation, you are not limited to it. On your download page, I´ll reveal some other ways how you can monetize your blog for additional income streams besides amazon. Like I said, you just have to think outside the box to make real money.

About The Author

My name is Martin Bergmann and I do online marketing since 1994. That´s probably longer than many of you are here on earth. You can profit from my experience of over 20 years in this business. “I love the web. I love thinking of digital strategies and measuring my website’s performance. I want to share my love, knowledge and passion to do this with the world. That’s how this awesome product was build. These blogs will make you stand out the crowd of All Other Amazon Affiliate Marketers.”


The Azon Revolution is the essence of my over 20 years of online marketing experience.

All that´s needed to do to get started is just a few clicks ahead


Making Money Online has never been so easy

Here is what your blog will do without you lifting a finger:

Your blog will publish the preconfigured campaigns every day, assigns a random author to each post, and publishes it to your blog with your amazon affiliate link embedded, notifies the 89 Pingservices, and posts it to the Social Networks you selected.

The blog will be automatically pinged from every visitor.

The Blog will be scanned every day to remove double entries and spam comments.

The Blog will clean up the database daily.

The State Of The Art Complete Autopilot AmaBot Software Powered WP Blog!


What's so special about Amazon?

.. and why I based all my work on it?


1) Their affiliate program is laughably easy to get in...
unlike for instance eBay's affiliate program where they will basically strip you naked...

2) It converts EXTREMELY well...
my automated Azon affiliate blogs run with conversion rates over 10%!

3) It covers Only Untabbed Niches...

4) Plus, you earn a commission for every product your referred buyer purchases over the next 24 hours!

5) The guys at Amazon actually RESPECT their affiliates...
unlike for instance Google where you'll sometimes get banned for no reason!

It's too bad that setting up high-converting, great-looking Amazon affiliate Blogs that RANK is such a painful process, right?!?

Well... That's NO LONGER the case!


I can guarantee you that "The Azon Revolution" is -- by far--
the best and the easiest way to make SERIOUS money with Amazon.

1) It's dead simple to use -- even if you've got the tech skills of a dead parrot...

2) It will automatically set up all your Amazon websites...

3) It will automatically add your Amazon links to your content
and all your links are optimized to deliver maximum conversions...

4) It will take care of SEO as well
with build in Decent SEO Plugin, a unique approach, Global Azon Blogs rank unlike anything else out there!

And here comes the best part:

You can have it up and running in under 30 minutes.
Even if you don't have any tech skills whatsoever.

“And one last word here, don´t be afraid of duplicate content, because on the downloadpage, I´ll show you a secret 3rd Party tool that gets you Unique Content on full auto-pilot”

... if you use it or not, is totally up to you!


But Wait... we´re by far not done yet

I´ll add additional value to this already outstanding offer

(VALUE $194)


Wordpress Video Tutorial

A complete Wordpress tutorial that leaves no stone unturned, 14 high class videos that show you how to master your WP Blog

No Cost Traffic Methods

We all need traffic! That´s why I include this tutorial with 19 videos for you, this videos will teach you 16 proven free traffic methods to use with your AMABOT Blog to see real results in your new online venture. Leverage our winning keyword research formula to ramp up any of your installed blogs.

So let´s recap the outstanding bundle you will get:

You get a all done for you, turnkey, 3D Printing Blog.

You get a all done for you, turnkey, Yogurt Blog.

You get a all done for you, turnkey, Trucking & RV Electronics Blog.

You get a all done for you, turnkey, iWatch - Smart News Blog.

You upload just two files, then you click six times, and you have a full working wordpressblog.

Your Blogs already have between 350 and 1500+ post from virtual users.

You click one button to update all existing amazon affiliate links with your AMAZON id.

I grant you FREE access to my "Full Text RSS Feed API" for ALL 4 blogs.

The AMABOT Software is preconfigured on all blogs, Keywords & Categories.

Each Blog automatically notifies the 89 best Ping Services.

Each Blog automatically gets Pinged from every visitor.

Each Blog is loaded with Keywords that searchengines love.

Each Blog already has Comments from real Amazon buyers.

Each Blog already has the best Amazon Tags imported.

You save hours, if not days of hard work finding the right Products, Keywords and Tags.

You save hours every day publishing new products.

Every post that´s published on your Blogs is automatically SEO optimized.

Every link inside a post has the "nofollow" attribute, and opens in a new window.

You can insert any Ad in your sidebar, you can even sell Adspace on your blog.

Your Blog is fully customizeable, you can change the layout by Drag and Drop to whatever you want.

You Get The Wordpress 14 Videos Tutorial (Bonus)

You Get The 19 videos No Cost Traffic Methods Course (Bonus)


If we add up all this, each AMABOT Blog should cost at least $2.000 ( x4) = $8000

Example: Just to make sure you really understand the power of my system.

Let´s say you get this bundle

You just enter your your affiliate ID into the Software on setup.

The Software now checks the Amazon Marketplace for products matching your preset keywords, extracts the most relevant tags and customer comments, inserts your Affiliate ID and publishes a product from each of the preset campaigns, as a post on your website!

When the product was published, the software notifies the major Ping Services!

And everytime a user hits your page, HE will notify the biggest Ping Service!

All you did to accomplish these tasks, was... nothing

...get it?

If you are Finally ready to rake in serious profits on full autopilot and drive your affiliate marketing efforts through the roof...